Why and what is a no code backend API

Are you a frontend-only-focused developer but in a need of a simple REST API backend?

Or maybe you had an experience in building your own backend, but currently you just want to have your work done?

Kontenbase solve those problems!


Is it free or paid?

You can start to use Kontenbase for free forever. Then you can upgrade if needed to more powerful plan such as Professional ($10/month).

Is there a chance for more free credits?

Yes, please schedule a demo with us and after that we'll top up your balance for $10 which you can use it whenever.

How to refund if there is a money-back guarantee?

All payments are refundable within 7 days. Please send us an email and we'll refund it. No more question ask.

Where is the database located, in what region?

Currently the data is only available in IdCloudHost servers (Singapore region). We will open more data centers in the future.

Can I request for somebody who can help to implement Kontenbase with my team?

Yes you can. Let's have a Personalized Demo or you can also request a meeting for Kontenbase Tech Expert.