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Kontenbase allows you to easily create backend API, auth, and storage in less than one minute without coding.

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Focus on your products, don’t reinvent the wheel!

Database to REST API & SDK

Auto generated REST API & SDK from database schema. Change schema on the fly! SDK for better developer experience.

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Authentication & Authorization

Built in basic authentication, 3rd party auth, and authorization like role management without coding. Fast and secure!

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Organize files and assets with storage API. Attach, upload, and download them through the services.

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Built in real-time support via WebSocket with battle tested performance!

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Write custom code, to trigger event using pub sub, creating hook, and cron jobs without deploying or scaling servers.

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Message Queue

Built in Message Queue using Kafka with low latency message processing with high availability and fault tolerance

Built In

Easy to use Dashboard & Instant API Creation

Create database with automatic REST API generation

Database is accessible instantly through REST API and SDK. All essential HTTP methods are provided out of the box.

We also support auto data migration. So you don't need to worry to switching data type anytime without losing your data.

Auto generated API and SDK to speed up development time

We turn database schema to instantly provide API and SDK. So you can stop building repetitive CRUD API, and focus on your product.


Simply call our REST API on back-end or front-end, and in any tech stack

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JavaScript SDK

Install from NPM and you are ready to go

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Install from CDN

Use kontenbase in the browser without build process

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Some SDK code examples

1import { KontenbaseClient } from '@kontenbase/sdk'
3const kontenbase = new KontenbaseClient({ apiKey: 'abcdefghijk123456789' })
5const { data, error } = await kontenbase.service('articles').find()

Are you ready to try the power of no code?

Speed up development time by up to 90% then launch within days. Focus on product and let us do the scale!

What can you build with Kontenbase?

Kontenbase can be used to build any app! Seriously, anything! Here are some examples that you can clone and try. Check out more on our GitHub. is a Slack or Twist clone using Kontenbase as the backend, React.js as frontend, and Tailwind CSS as styling library.

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🐦 Writter is a simple Twitter clone made with React and Remix as the frontend, with Kontenbase as the backend, and Chakra UI as styling library.

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Simple form input with submit button using Kontenbase SDK via CDN. No other library/framework necessary.

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Next.js Blog

Simple blog example with Next.js as frontend and Kontenbase as backend.

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Next.js Todo

Simple todo app example with Next.js as frontend and Kontenbase as backend.

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React.js Chat

Simple chat app example with React.js as frontend and Kontenbase as backend.

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Save big with Kontenbase

Kontenbase replace a bunch of complex architecture. See how our all-in-one price compares to when you have to combine all of them.


Kontenbase Managed Service

Start from free or $10/project/month

  • VPS
  • Database
  • Object Storage
  • Message Queue
  • Real-time/Multiplayer Server

Free trial or $10/month managed by us

Grow as your company go without hidden cost!


Amazon EC2: VPS


MongoDB Atlas: Database

$57/month for 10 GB Storage

Amazon S3: Object Storage

$5 for 100 GB Storage & 200 GB Transfer Limit

Kafka on AWS: Message Queue

$162.58 for smallest instance 2 GB Memory

Colyseus: Real-time/Multiplayer Server

$10 for 1 GB Memory

$219.18/month managed by you

Also additional costs to maintain on growth

Try our managed service with battle tested technology stack

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