Announcing Kontenbase

We are excited to introduce Kontenbase! A no-code backend API platform or Backend as a Service (BaaS).

Announcing Kontenbase

Hello everyone!

We are excited to introduce Kontenbase! A no-code backend API platform or Backend as a Service (BaaS).

After months of hard and fun work building the core of our product, we finally announce our early access program that you can access by requesting via

In the early stage of creating app, they do have a lot of innovation and problems. Lack of programming skill yet needs to boost development in order to chase the target and a decent developer to expensive. Those are basically what our internal teams feel while developing tons of products. Many issues happen while developing a product and of course, take time to deal with them where it can be used to do something more.

Considering the problems and possibilities, we decided to start Kontenbase. We hope to make anything simple and better during the development of a product. To make it happen, here’s what we can give you :

  • Auto-generated Backend API and SDK (Include Auth and Storage)
  • Try Service for API Testing
  • No programming skill required
  • Data Table Interface

and more.

You can watch the Product Demo on YouTube

So, if you are interested in joining early and influencing the direction of Kontenbase, sign up at, follow us on Twitter, and star us on GitHub.

This is the beginning of our journey to participate and innovate a solution. Kontenbase is still in development and we have been working hard to make it more efficient and useful. We will appreciate any suggestions for product improvement or feedback.

Let's make creating a backend API easier and faster.

Kontenbase team members: Ega Radiegtya, Tri Aginta Ginting, M Haidar Hanif, Aulia Romadon, Afrida Choni Kurnia Sari, M Haris Abdurrahman, Muhamad Chairul Aziz, Yosep Alexander, Adi Aswara, Rizky Adil Hakim, Nur Askiah, Elga, Vebiola Vanessa